Choose a Plan

Review Plans and Register

Review the differences between FaktorZ Starter and FaktorZ Pro plans, then complete the registration process.

Customize Your Plan with Add-ons

You can customize your plan with add-ons.

  1. In the Active Subscriptions page, click the Manage Subscription link.

    Active Subscriptions
  2. Click Change by the Current Plan heading

  3. From the Current Plan page, manage memory, storage, terminating memory, and support options. Add on resources for an additional cost.

    Click Manage Memory, Manage Storage, Manage Terminating Memory, or Manage Support and follow the workflow for each.

    manage your plan

Upgrading Your Plan

If you are upgrading from FaktorZ Starter to FaktorZ Pro, see Creating a Template from Existing Objects for guidance on exporting all of your existing objects.

Next Up: Basic Walkthrough

Once you are registered, go to Basic Walkthrough to learn how to get a simple project up and running.